Red Mountain

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by r1de on 3/12/21 11:14pm

Solo top down on Red Mountain today. The existing bootpack has now been significantly kicked in.

Conditions exceeded expectations; some soft unconsolidated snow in pockets up high, but mostly hero corn. A lot of refrozen loose wet debris, but sun softening made it acceptable. Don’t forget your sunblock.


Jones Ultracraft.

Sweet video Mr Ride.

I'm unsure of the PM thing works on new TAY. I'd love to see a high res version of your 1st photo, looking at Thompson. I've wondered about getting over that ridge into the Thompson bowl from Gravel/ Ridge lake area. I'm gonna try to PM you.

Rock on!


I was up there today, unfortunately not the same level of solar as yesterday we waited for a while but can't say it was hero corn...still excellent day though.

@eatskisleep: what time did you descend?

@r1de, we got up there pretty early, and waited while several groups made their (firm) descents. by 12:45 it had started to soften, but not all the way. clouds were moving back in and we were worried we would lose any solar gain we had, so we opted to go for it. the top was firm, but it quickly improved. of course by the time we were back to the car, it was bluebird again 🙃. what time did you drop in?

Started the descent at 14:00. Never saw another party the whole day, no fresh tracks before me.

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