Oyster Couloir Attempt

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Kyle M on 12/13/20 10:15pm


Logan and I have had our eye on the Oyster for a few years now. There's only one report on the interwebs of people actually skiing it, so we really had not idea if it would go early season. The slot, kendall adventure zone, bryant's all go currently. Why not Oyster?

Unfortunately, the Oyster doesn't really go. We had to do three downclimbs: one from the summit down into the couloir since it was just snow on boulders, another through the upper constriction, which was about 45 degree neve 6 ft wide (possible for a more confident skier to sideslip, but I was not comfortable), and the final drop, which was a free flowing waterfall. This line is really narrow. Even in mid winter conditions, I still think a large section would be 8-12 ft wide and jump turn terrain. It's a very cool line, long, adventurous, much more "couloir" like than most other snoqualmie couloirs. But give it a few months to fatten up for proper enjoyment, unless you are weird and enjoy downclimbing alder through a running icy waterfall like us!

In other news, Snow Lake is frozen and good to cross. North slopes of Chair skied quite well.

Another beautiful day in Snoqualminix.

Oyster 1


Looking Down Oyster

Oyster 2


Downclimbing the upper crux.

Oyster 3


Some actual decent turns in the middle section.

Oyster 4


Downclimbing a running waterfall at the bottom.

Wow, that looks thin! I skied it late Feb a couple seasons ago and I remember the lower section being thin even at that point in the season.

Lots of beautiful shots in your blog post. Snoqualmie is the best!

Ha, you, guys, keep pushing the adventure-meter needle - quite inspiring. Glad you finished your outing safely, given the downclimb zones, especially the alder-laced waterafall - that must have been spicy!

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