October 20, 2019, Stevens Skyline

WA Stevens Pass
Posted by telemack on 10/20/19 3:03pm
Four of us made Route 2 our OcTAYberfest destination. The road up to Lot C was open so we had quick access to the uptrack. Up to two feet of very heavy fresh made for an insta-base that we could easily float on top of. As usual, we lapped the upper half and only braved the lower creeks and drop-offs once. I bumped into a few bushes but only a wee nick or two; minnows not sharks. This was TAY #145 for me.
Light snow or drizzle much of the day, pretty warm. While transitioning under the unloading shed of Skyline, an ice avalanche cleared off half the roof near us. Yikes.
So so sweet for OcTAYber! If it snows again before all this cement washes away it's Early Winter for sure.
As you blasted past us (yellow and purple gear) just above the pupfest, I thought y'all looked like someone I'd seen internet pictures of. Totally the pups that let it happen :D Nice to briefly meet you.

Lovely day in the mountains.
2019-11-05 09:41:09
Was great to get out skiing with everyone. While my streak is sadly long gone, October turns are still a great wonder.

See, I can go to someplace that's not off Mount Baker Highway!
2019-11-13 13:03:25
James Wells
Mack to Mack Roctobers.  145 congratulations!
Stevens skied well and Wells skied Stevens. 
Mosetick was a kick, and I was less oxidized than I used to be. 
2019-11-13 17:15:24
Don Heath

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