October 1, 2019, South Okanagan Powder.

Posted by Atraslin on 10/2/19 10:44pm

The best and earliest quality conditions for October I've experienced.
I saw a photo on facebook from a heli ski guide in  the
South Okanagan of BC. New snow 50cm base 50cm.
We had to investigate right away. We were rewarded and
it was nice to get a brake from the typical bone jarring sunups
of September and October. Search and seek and slash and enjoy.

Thanks for sharing.... These are the days that make the earned turns all year journey worth it.... I am not sure I would be looking or thinking about  skiing powder on October first....And of all places the Southern Okanagan. Surreal moment. I remember coming to this area a few times....driving from the Coast with the High School ski team.... At the time...my friend and I had minimal intentions of finishing the race course set up....We just wanted o ski moguls. When mogul skiing was cool? 80s.... I think.
2019-10-18 22:37:33
Thanks for the great video, such a crazy gift to be skiing great powder the end of September and the first of October.
2019-10-21 07:39:24
Thanks Jtack. Great to have a gift once a while. Have a good one.
2019-10-21 07:54:03

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