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Obstruction Point area

WA Olympics
Posted by telemack on 7/8/21 11:32pm

-Texted my TAY friend runcle for Hurricane Ridge conditions

-Drove to end of Obstruction Point Road, a dustbath

-Scoped lines along the way.  Lots of short patches near the road

-Realized I could see the top of my destination from the parking area

-Took the skis for a 1-1/2 mile walk.  Lots of hikers, included one who said he had skied out there a few days before

-Found the intended goal with some faded tracks, transitioned at the top

-First run was steep and a bit chattery at the top. A-size suncups with lips oddly pointing down

-Ice axe helped on the return bootpack

-Topped Point 6536 and did it again

-Returned to the truck

Q:  "Are you going skiing out there???"

A:  " I hope so, otherwise I'm carrying all this junk for nothing!"

166 months 😃

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