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November Onesense

WA Stevens Pass
Posted by Don Heath on 11/20/21 9:07am

Could have called it November Nonsense.  In what other value system does it make sense to drive 5 hours to hike uphill for 1 hour to make 1 ski run down hill. In order to check 1 box. The TAY world has it's own value system.  

This was my only chance to Novemberski.  A work emergency (I'm a landscaper, and yes, there are horticultural emergencies) delayed me to a 12:30 start time. No time to sort gear.  I think I have everything. Skis, boots, skins, jeans, poles are in the truck, check. By 3:00 I was climbing... with the poles that were in my truck...trekkers that collapsed with every firm push...and no baskets.  It improved the workout, so it became a feature, right?

The snow was 8 inches of new heavy powder on top of an unconsolidified 18 inches of brush.  I only noticed because I'm a trained horticulturist, and I mow things down for a living.  

I skied with out falling, which is a win in my book. I had energy and daylight for another run, but, in the TAY value system I'd already checked the main box. And besides, there were those pole features... So I was one and done.  Bring on December!

Way to go, Don! Whatever it takes sometimes. Good to hear how Stevens is too. I've been tempted to run up there and check it out!


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Don Heath
2021-11-20 17:07:16