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NFNWR of Mt Adams across the years

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Posted by kamtron on 7/14/22 12:47pm

Photo evidence of changing conditions on this ice face that people ski. Things aren't like they used to be.

July 2014


Perfect corn

July 2017


Perfect corn

July 2022


Sketchy ice in the rockband, ok softened snow above and punchy snow below. Note differences in the upper face convexity and size of rockbands high. Photo by Seth

Kam thanks so much for posting this. This is honestly a really sad post. I can't even believe how much thinner the upper face looks now. Its almost like the underlying glacier ice has completely melted off, probably in last year's glacier heat death. 

Yeah, Russman, the underlying ice has receded a lot. The feel of being on the face is really different, less planar and more concave. My last time going up there, I think. 

Dude Kam, I just noticed the new rock bands that have shown up on the lower face. There's that huge rock and the two smaller rocks. That is mind blowing. I climbed this face a few years back on one of my trips, and that lower face was full on glacier ice, with small crevasses in it. Now to see that  there are basically mini nunataks forming in the middle of it really shows the scale of the ice thinning. I think we're probably looking at 20-30 feet of ice thickness loss in the past few years. 

Here are some pictures from the summer showing the mostly dry glacier and ice:



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