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Muir Glacier quality!

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by GregLange on 9/15/23 10:36am

Not a TR, per se. I'm looking for any recent beta on snow and/or ice quality on Muir Snowfield/Paradise Glacier regions. I see that the webcam shows whiteness at Anvil Rock. Thanks, TAYer's!


UPDATE: After watching the snow roll in since Tuesday late, I made the trek up to McClure Rock Friday, and upon looking over to the Muir Glacier snout, took off the skis and headed downward. 1000 feet of vert, avoiding the small shark fins protruding, and trying my damnedest to ski over the frozen grass tufts. Able to ski down below Pan Point, and beyond to follow the trail a ways down. For the first new snow since May, not too shabby! C'mon October!!



Greg-  I was up last Tuesday, and it was very grim. Due to time, I only went to about 8000 ft, but patches that are usually reliable this time of year above Pebble Creek and to the west near Nisqually chutes were nearly non-existent.  Can't speak for Paradise Glacier, but when my buddy and I hiked up there in early June the snow level was discouragingly low. Maybe things are better around 9,000 ft, but I doubt it. Starting to fret about a gummint shutdown and implications for October!

Thanks, Mr. Burns: I appreciate your info. I'm heading up next weekend, Sept 25. I originally wanted Palmer "Glacier" on Hood, but will be completely melted by then. Here's to Ice Skiing in the present and future.

Greg, I skiied Palmer Sept 9 and it was long and pretty damn good. I would put a lot of money on there being some turns to be had there next weekend.

I was up to the snowfield the last weekend of August and echo Mr. Burns, very grim, especially in the 1200ft below Camp Muir. Although the skiing from 8800 turned out to be decent. Has anyone been up to Flett/Spray Flats lately?

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