Mt Rainier Ski Descent (March Update)

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by AntonioB on 3/14/21 9:17pm

I will keep it short. @engineeredforadventure  has recently shared very detailed TR.

We climbed Saturday of 3/13/21. Assessing Ingraham Glacier from Camp Comfort, it seemed risky to go down Ingraham Direct toward exit through Cadaver Gap. Have we had a choice of staying another night Muir, I would have liked to take a chance, because it looked like there was path, and that would have been a fun adventure.

We ended up deciding to go down the couloir next to Nisqually ice fall. Snow there was firm, but held adequately. This is not the route I would recommend to anyone because of the icefall.

Upper Ingraham is well covered with snow now, which is firm as always. There is the one bergschrund at approximately 13,500, passable on the right.

It looks like you skied Gibraltar chute on the way down. Are you saying you experienced icefall in the chute? 

Sounds like the right name for it - Gibraltar chute. It is next to the Gib ledges. Timing was good - no icefall when we were passing. We heard icefall early morning, on the way up.

Gib chute is one of my favorite lines up there despite the menacing ice cliff.

Nice work

Thanks for sharing. I thought we were crazy to go that way.

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