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Ryan, Ian, and I climbed the Emmons Glacier on Rainier and skied from the summit in a single day car to car. We left White River campground at 12:30am Thursday morning and hiked to just past Glacier Basin camp before doing some rock hopping over the Inter Fork. Started skinning at ~6,000' and made our way up the very firm Inter Glacier with a combination of skinning and booting. Dropped down to the Emmons at around 5:30am and was departing a very empty Camp Schurman at 6:30am.

There was a well defined bootpack with a very direct straight forward route to the summit. Only 2 other parties on route. The only 2 notable areas of the route broken up was the traverse to the climbers right after the corridor on a glacial fin, and the upper bergschrund. We skied both without too much difficulty on the way down. The glacier is in great shape compared to the previous time we skied it in late June. 

Hit the summit at 1:15pm with no wind and warm temps and started skiing down at 1:40pm. The upper couple hundred feet was wind affected dry snow and ice that transitioned into a softened crust and then perfect corn from 13,200' all the way down to 7,000'.  It was much better ski conditions top to bottom than previous summit skis. Hiked back to the car and enjoyed beers and snacks while dipping the legs in the White River.  An exceptional day in the mountains. A very worthwhile ski right now (if you can get a permit).


Seems like the Emmons is in great shape. Thanks for sharing and nice work!

Looks like an awesome day! What kind of time did you make from the summit back down to 6k?

Great photos. 6,000 ft of perfect corn!? The big R is always ice transitioning immediately to grabby slop for me.

I didn't really keep track of the descent time but probably around 1.5 hours to ski down. We were in no hurry to get back up to the Interglacier. 

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