Mt. Jefferson, SW Face

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Posted by Kyle M on 4/15/21 9:44pm

Jacob and I made use of the new avalanche path on the SW side of Jefferson just above Pamelia Lake. We were able to drive to about a mile from the trailhead. There was some booting and then skinning to get to Pamelia Lake. The avy path extends down to about 4500 ft so we had to do some easy climbing through a mostly dry forest to reach the avy path. Once in the path, it is cruiser all the way to 10,000 ft, where we called it quits.

The descent was pretty rimey up high, and then down low, the half inch of new powder was sticky and ruined any hopes of prime corn. But it was still a super fun day out overall. It totaled to 15 miles and 7700 ft of gain and was surprisingly straightforward. I expect the bottom of this avy path to start melting out in coming weeks.


Avy Path


The avy path viewed from Pamelia Lake.

Glamour Shot


Enjoying the views.



Skiing corn mixed with grabby hot pow.

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