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Posted by dfhkvs on 4/11/21 7:02pm

Continuous snow from Cougar snopark (that will not last long). 2.5 miles up road, then easy 1/2 mile through moderate density forest to the obvious clearing at the 'toe' of the gully descending from treeline towards red rock pass. The gully is a hoot. It is like a 2 mile half pipe. Skiing this out was possibly the highlight of the trip. Stopped at 6200' (out of time); the longer approach and lack of bootpack make this route quite a bit longer than the Worm Flows. Snow was pretty good on the way down. Was able to mostly glide the road out. A bit of double poling and skating. Incredible day in the mountains. 

Has anyone skied the SSW gully? That looks like another fun trip.


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