May 9, 2019, Alpental

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Zap on 5/9/19 7:48am

Jill and I just returned from our downhill and backcountry trip to OR and CA, and I looked at the webcam at Alpental base and mid station and decided that I had to go there. The weather forecast was for a HOT day so I needed to go now.  The gate at the parking lot was open, but the sign reads 'not open for vehicles'. There were groups of hikers on the opposite side of the parking lot.

I parked at the bridge and walked to the base of the Sessel lift. There was some snow coverage along the trees at the base, but the snow from Armstrong express to the trees is very light. The Sessel trail has moguls from the base to the top but was easily navigated and ski-able on the descent.  At the top of the Sessel lift I stopped for a view in the shade and had a small bird dive-bombing at my head.. I think there was a nest nearby so it was time to leave the area.

The coverage on Lower International was great. I made it a short morning before it got too hot. I started skinning at 9am and it was fine and no crampons were needed. Earlier would be even better.
Anyone know if the route from the top into upper international still goes (without any rock band to jump)
2019-05-11 21:14:32
As of Cinco it was great. Might require a more agile step now with the warm weather. Lower right entrance is "platformesque", so should be room to take a step and get back in the game.

Help us groom it and keep it awesome.

Cinco midday Nash was one of the best Nash runs of the season, truth be told. Hoping for a partial lap with kid on back today, we'll see. Go get it.
2019-05-12 15:48:30
Lot 2

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