May 7, 2019, Mt. St. Helens via Swift Creek

WA Cascades SW (Mt Rainier)
Posted by telemack on 5/8/19 1:57am
Myikat and I skied the Swift Creek route yesterday.  We carried to about 5000', a bit past the sign saying "Climbing permits required above 4800 feet", and had straightforward skinning up the Swift Creek gully to switchbacks up the final face.  It was a super-clear day, and nice downdrafts in the gully kept temps moderate. Caught 5 other skiers from Hood River on the crater rim when we arrived just before noon. 
Shirtsleeve descent, with surface slides on the steeper side walls.  There were good turns from 8-7000', but lower was mushy.  Snow will be disappearing fast with these warm days, but the gully should hold snow a while longer. 

141 TAY months for me.


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