May 4, 2019, Spickard, Redoubt Glacier

WA Cascades NW (Mt Baker)
Posted by JedS on 3/5/20 12:24pm

This is almost a year old, but I just added the TR since this area is so unique.

Day 1- Kevin and I drove to Depot Creek from Bellingham, Left the car at 1pm where the logging road just seemed to end. We were bushwacking and route finding 20 minutes from the car. Need to stay high on the North side of the Valley to gain an old logging road. Crossed the Border swath into the U.S. and instantly dove into a matrix of down trees. Slow going for miles. Depot creek falls marks the slog up the steep slopes to the top of the valley. Spectacular long water fall. Made it to camp just past the top of the falls around 7pm, right at the base of Mt. Redoubt.

Day2- Left our "base camp" around 6am and toured up the steep slopes at the end of the valley to gain the Redoubt Glacier then reached a pass at the south shoulder of Mt. Redoubt. Skied down to Bear Lake, with phenomenal views of the Pickets. We wanted to head NE and reach a col around Mox peak, but the south facing snow was getting too soft. Returned to camp to watch the snow slide off of the granite on the NE face of Redoubt as the sun cooked.

Day3- Climbed up and around Mt. Spickard to a Col on the SW side of the peak. Wanted to climb up the south face to summit, but didn't feel good about the snow. Incredible views of Mox peak. Wrapped back around to the North side and climbed Spickard from the prominent Glacier that heads up exponentially. Great turns down to Silver lake, then back up to check out a thin chute.
10 hrs total.

Day4- Hiked/skied out, took 7 hours to reach the car.

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