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May 17-18, 2003, Mt. Shasta lower mountain

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Posted by Jeff Huber on 5/19/03 8:12pm
I spent the 17th and 18th with Ben S. and Jonathan S. (they're brothers) on Mt. Shasta.

Our original objective was a multi-day trip camping in Hidden Valley and doing Cascade Gulch/Shastina. Stove issues, valley fog and a late started change our multi-day trip to two day-trips.

On Saturday the 17th we arrived at Bunny Flat around noon and headed up lower Green Butte (known as Broadway) ridge towards Powder Bowl. At the top of Broadway we looked into old ski bowl. Sadly tracks showed that slednecks had illegally crossed the wilderness boundary to high-mark on Green Butte ridge.

From the top of Broadway we traversed to Green Butte to GU up and descend into Powder Bowl. The snow in Powder Bowl was perfect corn; so good that 3/4 of the way down Powder Bowl we traversed to the ridge between Sun/Powder Bowl to take another lap. Here's Jonathan in the Powder Bowl run-out with Powder Bowl behind him:

The following day we got an early start with the possible objective of day-triping Cascade Gulch/Shatina. Our plans were thwarted when we arrived at Bunny Flat to find low temps and reports of absurd, tent-flattening winds (a Shasta cliché). We were concerned the upper mtn wouldn't soften.

So we headed toward Giddy Giddy gulch. After obtaining the ridge above Giddy Giddy we waited for quite a while for the snow to soften. We took a side-trip to Casaval Ridge where we contemplated Lemurian/Yaktavian relationships (Lemurians and Yaktavians are the mysterious races that purportedly live on Mt. Shasta):

At about 2:15 we descended into Giddy Giddy. The upper portion was "dry corn" but lower down was, again, perfect, amazing corn.


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