March 30, 2019, Silver Peak - Annette Lk - Tinkham Rd

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Chamois on 4/1/19 12:04am
Well, Scott, Laura, and I caught this route just in time again.  We started at the Silver Fir Chair at the Summit, travelled to Grand Junction and then the Winter Trail to Windy Pass, into the north basin and on the crest for lunch.  No snowmobiles and only a pair of other skiers who were going out the way they came in.

The ski to Annette was perfect - love that pitch.  We crossed the creek at the outlet and stayed high to avoid the smaller trib crossings and were able to ski all the way to the JWT.  We took skis off once for 15 feet, but that was it.  A quick walk to the trailhead and then a drive to the pass to get the second car, and of course, a pit stop at Dru Bru.  Weather was great as was the company.

I think this was the last weekend for this loop, though the down to Annette will last a bit longer - akkk! but that climb back up!

Will provide a photo link later
The visuals:

2019-04-08 12:19:25
That run down to the lake is so awesome. I have only hit it much later season. Looks fun as a point to point
2019-04-08 14:57:42

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