Mar 31, 2019, - Forbidden Tour C2C

Posted by dave095790 on 4/1/19 8:38am
Quick conditions and summary:

~5 miles to boston basin trail, very fast.  Recommend skinning as soon as you hit consistent snow about 1/2 mi from the TH.

Ascent to sharkfin col was pretty straightforward, lots of choose your own adventure.

Rap of sharksfin col was easy, we chose the right hand variation.  There is a huge block of snow partially blocking the rap, would definitely reccomend a small saw to get rid of that thing.  We didnt have a saw, but got rid of enough with an axe.  A saw would make it a million times easier. 

Crossing Forbidden NR was easy, easy boot pack.

Skiing down to Morane Lake went all the way down, just skiers' right of the main water flow, but was getting thin.  Probably has a short window left, and a longer window with more shenanigans. 

The climb out of Morane lake was probably the low point of inefficient travel: steep, wet snow, hot temp.  We went climbers right, climbers middle might have been better. 

We traversed under Eldorado on our way out and it was straightforward. 

Trail down was easy to follow and goes fast. 

15 hrs C2C, 22.5 mi, 10.3k vert. 

Since I'm moving to japan next week, I only had vulcan boots, kingpin bindings, and 1900g skis ... not the ideal set up, but it barely worked.  I struggled to enjoy the day with such a heavy set up. 

Day after skiing Shuksan, BEAST!!
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