Lichtenburg heavy pow

WA Stevens Pass
Posted by eatskisleep on 12/18/20 11:36pm

Toured up the southern slopes of Lichtenburg and had the place to ourselves. First creek crossing is dicey, I doubt the  bridge we used will be viable after the rain on Sat evening. The usual log over nason creek is fine. It was snowing hard until about 11am, and then tapered off. Very little wind or evidence of wind transport. A pit at 5000' showed 160cm total snow depth, with about 70cms on top of the 12/9 crust. The top layer had various densities due to temperature changes, but was generally not cohesive. We did identify what appeared to be the layer of surface hoar about 6 inches above the 12/9 crust, but it was fairly stubborn to move. CT 21 collapse. Despite the heavy snow, skiing was still surfy and pretty fun. 

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