Lichtenberg Lap

WA Stevens Pass
Posted by jtack on 12/13/20 11:09am

Mike and I took a lap around Lichtenberg Mt., perfect day, cold and clear, 5 inches of fluff on a firm base. The base was firm enough to make ski crampons a nice asset, steep terrain travel was not care free. We skied a few steep pitches in the shade, and they were nice, not quite enough snow to make for giddy turns, but still very fun. Later in the day we skied a steep south aspect that was baked enough to require slough management, and may have been dangerous on a big open slope.  Given how many people were out and about we did not run into anyone, saw a few folks from a distance, but had the place to ourselves. Sadly I'm afraid the snow pack is setting up to be a pain in the ass, as additional accumulation add to the pile. The 5 inches of fluff was poorly bonded, and the clear nights were adding an impressive crystal growth to the surface.

Mike enjoying the fluff




Sure was fun. Here are a couple pictures of that cold NE side. Also, until it snows again, I think you can ice skate on Valhalla. There is just a light snow cover over smooth ice. That would be a fun afternoon!





Great photos fellas. 

The the poorly bonded fluff, which seem to have lubricated his day, Mike looks right-happy. Fluorescing!

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