June 15, 2019, Beartooth Basin, WY Yellowstone area

Posted by artfreeman on 6/25/19 7:09am
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In that Beartooth Pass area NE of Yellowstone there are backcounty opportunities everywhere you look.  The Pass opens Memorial Day or later, so combine it with a Yellowstone trip.  Ski at the "resort" if open and then check out a couple of car-assisted backcounty runs. Photo is of the run that drops straight north down to the highway hairpin marked BM 8670. You walk over to the top from the pullout by the sign marking the state line. 1500 vert, well okay, including the rocks at the bottom.

Another run, which I did not get a picture of, is down the S slope from the highway to Gardner Lake, just W of the ski area, and walk up to the road, but at a lower point. 

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