June 15, 2012, Mt Baker two-fer

WA Cascades West Slopes North (Mt Baker)
Posted by Oyvind_Henningsen on 6/16/12 3:42pm
After a strange spring, some might argue it is still spring, Tobae and I were happy to sneak in a classic Mt. Baker two-fer.  I needed a camp out in the mountains so 930 thursday pm found us at the 5800 ridge camp down from Crag View.  It was slightly misty, but we had hopes for the uw models being correct.  Leisurely 7 am start had us heading up the Squak Glacier with ski crampons on a 4-5 cm crust.  Sun was out, batteries were being replenished.  Pure joy at a comfortable 1000'/hr pace.  Long breakes.  I love this sport/recreation/meditation/cleansing that happens high on a glacier.  Guided groups were slowly awakening and getting ready for the days crevasse rescue skill drills.  Nice work fellas !

Roman Wall was hard, would it soften by the down?  Park Glacier headwall appeared in condition looking from above, but had not softened up yet.  Summit photos and down the Boulder we went.  A little longer in the sun for this glacier and it was in great shape, took a quick right and down in the crater we went and up towards the col on Sherman.  Long break, again.........melted water..........coffee.  Blustery wind kept the upper mountain quite cold all day.  Temperature sort of felt like a late fall ski.  On the rim of the crater if was nice (albeit with most of our clothing on).

Jaunt to the summit of Sherman.  Party of 3 skinning up and topping out on the Boulder.  Great job skinning you guys.

Ski down was supreme.  I love the rolling hills of the Squak.  The trees are not as lovely, Easton a better alternative if you don't like trees.  Met my old friend Scott Harder on the way down........hope your fathers day was happy in the hills Scott.  Ran in to Cascadian peak bagger extraordinaire Don Brooks in the parking lot.  Good to see you Don.

By the time we hit the car a big lenticular were over the mountain.  Snuck one in for sure.  Thanks for a great time in the mountains Tobae !
Don Brooks and I had a fun time watching you come down the "crater fork" of the Boulder.  In fact, you inspired us to go take the Boulder Gl. rt next wk-end!

Fun views of you and everyone else on the S side from Sherman Pk.

Don probably told you we were a pty of 6 pushing 11hrs car to car.  A long put very reqarding day.  The rest of our pty kicked up the Roman wall arround noon but it was nice and skiiable for thier descent.  No suncups to speak of untill we got below the glaciers.

Conditions were about perfect for 5 of the 7 k vertical ft.  a little heavy/sloppy down low but that may just have been my tired legs.  Nice to be able to nearly ski to the car!

Don Beavon and Hudon Henry then skied the B-day tour at WA Pass on Sat.  They enjoyed the ski in good conditions and arrived at the hairpin just as the sky opened up at 5p.m.

what a great trip Oyvind and Tobae!! Like the write up too. Good things happen when you sport those blue pants....

I have after writing the trip report learned of an accident on the Coleman Headwall on Friday.  My heartfelt condolences to the people touched by this terrible accident.

Great TR Oyvind. You definitely hit the window on Friday. I'm on my way to the N. twin right now. I gotta get out! And probably get wet. Must get some of that meditation/cleansing your talking about :). Hopefully see you out there soon. Thanks again for the great class!

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I have after writing the trip report learned of an accident on the Coleman Headwall on Friday.  My heartfelt condolences to the people touched by this terrible accident.

Now wondering what could/should have been said that might have altered their plans-

condolences to the family.

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