In Orbit: Dakobed (Part 2)

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Posted by Jens Holsten on 6/30/20 10:25am

The descent down Frostbite was a blast. The middle, nicely pitched section provided some of the best turns of our trip.


Phil rips Frostbite


We arrived at our packs and enjoyed lounging in the sun. Finally, we packed up and skied down the lower Kennedy Glacier, before delightful summer snow zipped us down and across the Scimitar Glacier where we rounded the corner at 6,000 feet.


Tuesday evening we went to bed tired and happy, the western fringe of the Sitkum Glacier on our doorstep. We passed weather here on Wednesday and enjoyed taking pictures when the weather broke that night.


Thur morning was splitter. The previous days weather brought enough of a cold front to set the snow up. We knew this would be our day for exceptional ski quality. We broke down camp and carried our gear to 8,200 feet. From there we climbed to the summit and then skied the Sitkum in dream corn.


Dream Corn


We grabbed our gear and then glided back to the regular route, grabbing another 1,200 feet of great summer skiing along the way. We slept at White Pass that evening and hiked out Friday morning.

Dream corn... making my skin tingle

Nice one!  I have experienced perfect snow conditions on both Frostbite and Sitkum as well.  Maybe it's a thing.

That's the way to ski that volcano! 😍

What an odyssey! Searching the outer limits for the perfect corn. A cornucopia. Out of this world!👌💪

Major Tom's Mom: "Don't forget to pack your protein pills."

Thanks for sharing and thanks for the inspiration as always! What a fantastic sounding trip!

Great concept well executed! Fantastic trip.

What a cool route that really does justice to one of the prettiest spots in the cascades.

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