Hurricane Ridge

WA Olympics
Posted by telemack on 12/28/20 7:18pm

We had a short trip up the ridge after the holiday crowds packed the parking lot, creating a 1-1/2-3 hour foggy wait at the booth.  No inversion, but it was sunny and mild up top.  Lots of snow left over from the weekend, sun-impacted a lot.  Skiing into the lift area (Poma closed) from Lookout Point gave a foot of heavy on top of crust.  Impressive peek-a-boo fog and glimpses of sun-etched peaks.   

We waited about an hour and a half.  Some youngster cut in front of us when I was restarting the truck 😤  My wife scoffed to him, "How far ahead do you think you're getting doing that?" and he told her, "I passed 25 cars!"  So we ratted him out to the rangers, and watched one take his license and give him a lengthy tongue-lashing.  Turns out she recognized the van and knew his father....

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