Humpback Mountain West Face

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Kyle M on 4/21/21 11:12pm

I have long dreamt of the glorious west face of Humpback. It is the obvious 2000 ft run visible while driving up to Snoqualmie Pass. So after work one day, Kyle SW and I finally visited the promised land. It did not disappoint, with some beautiful sunset turns above the valley.

The details: drove up to 2500 ft. Gaining the alder field at 3k, leaving the snow covered road, was very thin and will be out by the time I write this. Above that, however, cruiser to the summit.




So much fun!



Sunset shred!

Nice to hear a good word for Humpback. I've tried to get others to go there who have maligned it as "not worth driving up there for" and "reminds me of New England."   Humpbacks got a lot of aspects and some interesting adventure zones...

@cumulus if this is what New England skiing is like, then I'm sorta jealous...

Honestly this is the most easy, fun terrain I have ever skied in the Snoqualmie area. Just pure, type 1 fun. Maybe it isn't steep or rad, but it sure is a hoot.

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Kyle M
2021-04-22 06:12:58