Hiway 20 Quit your Job!

WA Cascades East Slopes North
Posted by avajane on 5/10/21 6:16pm

I’m pretty good at picking powder days, but corn has usually gotten the best of me. This afternoon was one for the ages, and the next fews days should be similar. Pick your spot - be creative - there is skiable snow everywhere! Branch out with ski and boot crampons and ice ax. See you tomorrow!!

3:30 and Perfect corn


As smooth a ride as it gets.

The elusive surface close up


With the weather report this should last several days if not longer.

Booyah. Sunday was good as well. Real deal corn!

Think we saw you (original poster) exiting Hairpin Valley in the late afternoon. What a day! All aspects were good aside from just a couple of firm spots and even those weren't bad.

Everybody had a great day. I started late so that was probably me late! Today was just as good

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