Heliotrope ridge

WA Cascades West Slopes North (Mt Baker)
Posted by Jesse Arroyo on 10/17/20 9:38pm

Went up and skied Heliotrope today.

Found some good pool table buffed turns from the ridge line looking into the thunder glacier. Still pretty icy, with most of the recent snow having been beat down  by more recent wind and rain.

All in all a good day out of the valley rain, with some solitude up high and edge able skiing down Heliotrope.

Looking towards Baker from Heliotrope


Looking over the Thunder glacier


Looking up the trope.


Nice, way to get after it! Hope things are getting a bit more filled in from the latest system 

More filled in -- yes. Glacier ice is now covered. However, surface conditions are breakable crust. Friday's storm seems like it finished warm and rained or wet snowed up to the top of the lightning rod. Still pretty meager coverage below the permanent snow. Road was passable but icy. Chains would have been a good idea.

Starting to notice the glacial retreat here. Rocks where there didn't used to be any.

When I went up there was a buick slid off the road , no doubt due to some icy conditions. 

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