Glacier NP: Mount Brown

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Posted by aaasen on 12/30/20 6:42pm

Wanted to share some pictures from skiing Mount Brown in Glacier National Park a couple days ago. I had never been to Glacier before and I was completely blown away by the beauty of this place. It's still a bit early in the season and hard to ski below about 5,000'. Lots of skinning hiking trails with a few inches of snow to get above the trees, but it's all worth it for the views.


Mount Cannon:

Mount Cannon



Mount Vaught

Mount Vaught

Mount Brown Lookout:

Mount Brown Lookout

Stanton Mountain:

Stanton Mountain

Mount Saint Nicholas in the background:

Mount Saint Nicholas

Matthew skiing with Edwards Mountain in the background:

Mount Edwards

Izzy and Matthew after skiing the upper couloir:

Upper couloir

Lower couloir:

Lower couloir

Little Matterhorn:

Little Matterhorn

Sunset on Cannon Mountain:

Sunset on Cannon Mountain

Lovely photos. I so want to travel! Thanks for posting.

Holy moly great shots! Haven't seen photos of the area from this time of year. 

Really cool photos. Those layered rock strata really distinguish the "rocky" mountains from the rest. Quite the line you scored!

Amazing lines. What's the exit like from the shoulder between the lookout point and summit of Mt Brown? I've been looking at tons of photos and it just looks like a bunch of cliffs. Also, did you exit via Snyder Creek or ascend back to the lookout?

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