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February 22, 2003, Keechelus Ridge and Kendall

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Don_B on 2/22/03 6:45am
I got off to a late start, solo, went to Price Creek to try Keechelus Ridge and the relay tower for 1st time in 3 yrs.  It was snowing lightly, lots of mud and some wet snow at the lot. Not too many sled trailers. Went up FR 124 hoping to find tracks up the slope somewhere. Did not. Found 2 skiers (only ones I came across and only tracks) who said the road ended just ahead, which did not seem right, but it did end with little trees in the middle of it and was heading downhill at 3000'.  I tried one sled track but it meandered NW, and I couln't find any turnoffs up the hill   ???, and bushwacking in the low wet snow and dirt and logs didn't feel good  >:(, so despite the call of powder in the open at 5,000' I turned back, and drove to Gold Creek Snowpark to go up toward Kendall Pk Lakes.  

Mo betta. Started out at 2:30 meeting skiers/shoers coming down, including one poor soul with poor soles. His boots delaminated and he was unhappily walking down. Luckily, I was prepared for terrorist attack, and we duck taped him back onto his skis.  Snow was getting nice and light by 3500', 6 to 8" of new, with older under a very light crust I think. By 3:45 I was at the saddle intersection at 4100' with lots of tempting pillowy stuff, untracked, down into Commonwealth Basin.  Nobody around, though, so rather than being stuck in a treewell all night with no one to talk to, I just had a couple little turns and a nice ride down. Light snow showers all afternoon. This'll be great tomorrow. :D The open steep WNW slopes above the road at 4000' look fairly loaded, with nothing moved yet, so beware in PM if it's sunny.   Anybody have tips on Relay Tower route?
Nothing meaningful to add to that Relay Tower route, but if misery loves company then it sounds like I got lost in the exact same spot you did the last time I tried it (several years ago). I spotted the tower from the other side at the Silver Fir lift last week and it looks pretty straight forward from there... ???

I'll try it again sometime with a better map...

Glad you found some good stuff at Kendall.


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