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February 16, 2003, Paradise

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by Don_B on 2/16/03 8:21am
We toured up from Paradise on W side of Alta Vista to base of Pan Point and back down via Edith Creek Basin, doing short runs of turns  along the way.  It was snowing lightly all afternoon, with clouds dropping in, and pretty flat light.  There was 2 to 6 inches of new snow on a bumpy, hard frozen slush base, with new snow fairly heavy near Paradise, and considerably lighter and easier to ski above 6000 ft.  Not perfect, but fun to be in fresh snow!
Funny we didn't run into you guys, Don.
That's a nice loop you did.

Ron ,I bet we did run into them. There were 2 guys we met crossing just beyond the creek in Edith basin. Was that You Don? We were going do that loop but Ron J got distracted by beer and cheeseburgers in visitor center! We were up there around 3pm and stayed till 4.

Yup, think so. We skinned up to below a boarder's jump just as 4 or 5 took turns going down to the creek.  Your tracks had less sitzmarks than ours!

Unfortunately they were not devoid of sitzmarks, however  ;)

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