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February 15, 2003, Lichtenberg Mtn (Stevens Pass)

WA Stevens Pass
Posted by Kenji on 2/16/03 8:03am
Two of us went hunting for any remaining powder in shade.  Left Yodelin around 9:30 with snow shower with low clouds around 4500'.  The west slope was solid crust all the way up to the summit ridge, requiring booting up the last 300'.  It didn't inspire any confidence for finding skiable snow, and we did discuss cutting our losses.  However, we dropped into mix of whiteout and soft dry snow (~10") as we decsended the east basin toward Lichtenwasser lake.  The snow was remarkabley in good shape, protected from sun and wind for two long weeks.  Two skiers came up from the lake via Smith Brook road, which was wiser given the shape of the west slope.  We took two runs including one from the south high point.  For the long return, we traversed and skied down along the north ridge, which also had nice snow although with many ski tracks.  From the bottom, we skied back up to Lake Valhalla, crossed it, then skied out.  There was about an inch of new snow on the crust.  Reached our car at 6 pm.  Long but fun trip.  I imagine it would have been a great, fast trip earlier last week, corn on one side, powder on the other...
Nice Report, Kenji.
Good to see you're still out there doing your "ironman" tours  :)

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