Feb 9-13, 2020, Pasayten Wilderness Barron Yurt

Posted by Tom Townsend on 2/23/20 11:44am
Enjoyed a brilliant five days touring and yo yoing out of the Barron Yurt just off the PCT, west of Harts Pass. This a magical location, the accommodations were functional, comfortable and just funky enough to be relaxing. I've never done a guided trip before and admittedly this was a splurge. The North Cascades heli guides totally proved their worth. They live and breath the local conditions and terrane so natural hazards were expertly managed and we skied prime snow every day. Not a care in the world.

Would love to see photos! Easiest way to post images that I've found is to upload everything to imgur.com or another free and public image hosting site, then click on the "Add image tags" button in the post editor, and paste your image URL in place of the pop-up text that says "PASTEimageURLhere".  You can upload all the images at once to imgur or whatever, then right-click on each one and select "Copy image address" to get each image URL.
2020-02-26 10:45:52
Thanks for the advise, turns out there was a way to do it with my Photos account. Check it out!
2020-03-02 20:15:46
Tom Townsend
Wow! I'm going to create a gofundme so I can do that. Can I count on y'all to help a poor old geezer go heli skiiing?
2020-03-03 10:49:03
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HA! If my budget allowed it, I'd go every year! I love that place and also how the guides totally pamper you at the yurt.
2020-03-03 17:27:20

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