East Peak + Bullion Peak

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Posted by engineeredforadventure on 12/19/20 7:34pm

Decided to head up to East Peak and Bullion basin for a low avy danger day. 3 inches of fresh overnight on top of heavy snowfall throughout the week. We took two laps off the east side of East Peak. Solid stability on aspects below 35 degrees. Ran into a party that dug a pit and they noted no propagation, based on an ICT. 

Headed over to Bullion Peak and skied the NE face; again, solid stability. By the time we hit it in the early afternoon there were already tracks. 


Took some more laps on East Peak later in the afternoon but it began to get windy and wind transport of snow began to scour the western facing slopes. 

Apologies in advance... avy discussion dork-out about to occur....


As the forecast of avy danger was "considerable", I think you mean a "day of moderate terrain/exposure". With NWAC talking about possible buried facets/hoar, sounds like you made a good call. I've heard some stories about people getting in trouble off that E side of East Peak and N side of Bullion. Lots of mellow that-a-ways too.

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