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Posted by Atraslin on 9/5/20 6:02pm

On Mikes search for animal snow chin. He discovered this spicy North Facing line. We were hoping  the Vancouver Canucks could pull off a miracle on ice against the Vegas Knights, like Mike Eurizione did. Didn’t happen, but this felt like a min-miracle on ice.

Completing our first earned turns all year in the Okanagan. Third edition. Coast mountains, North Cascades cycles  

Sometimes you gotta scratch the surface. Safe Travels.




That was AWESOME! Made my day. I love remnants like that and you skied it so perfectly! Couple observations:

1. Did you keep your skis on for the connector bit? I hope so!

2. I love that you made two laps!

This is the best ski vid of the summer to me. I love that you hiked however far to ski a bullshit narrow dangerous suncupped remnant. I just did similar a couple days ago and the only thing that would have made it better would be a brother to share it with. You guys inspire me!

Wow, what a determination!

Thanks for the props. We did a short down climb through the rock section. Cheers. 

More earning than turning!!!


I liked the steel scraping to get the cups in better form!

That was wider than my August strip below Pan Point, but more skritchy.   

Good thing you wore gloves; hate to scratch the knuckles!

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