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Deep Alpental State

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by eatskisleep on 12/10/22 4:27pm

After a very foggy day in the Alpental valley yesterday, we had plans to go up this AM for a quick morning tour. We were surprised when the telemetry showed 12" of new, and were also surprised when we found ourselves, along with another two skiers, breaking trail up the valley @8:30am. Trail breaking was hard work. It felt like more than 12" and our exit/ski tracks from yesterday were totally obscured. Snow wasn't particularly heavy just DEEP. Soon, another crew of three caught up and we took turns breaking trail to source lake. From here, we continued up to big trees, which continued to be very hard work, with snow up to mid-thigh at times on the steep slopes. However, the fruits of our labor were well worth it and skiing in big trees was bottomless. Two laps was all we had time for after the 2+ hours it took us to get to the top of big trees...

Could not tell if anyone pushed out towards the divide. It was snowing consistently until about 11:30, and had tapered off when we left around 12:30. Temps at pass level had warmed by then, but snow quality was quite good. 


Difficult trail-breaking conditions


the goods


I was wondering who broke trail that morning.. kudos!!

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