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Commonwealth Basin

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by eatskisleep on 1/2/22 7:18pm

Snuck in some quality skiing this morning before the storm. First up was cocaine couloir, which despite pockets of sun crust and wind skin, skied pretty great! We also identified a sun crust about 12" down on s. aspects, likely on the snow surface before Thursdays storm. Interesting how even in cold cold deep winter, these south aspects create sun crusts. Probably was over the head blower on Friday...We were happy to be first ones up, as we got to the bottom there was a train of around 10 other skiers. The weather hadn't broken yet and we were feeling good, so we did a few laps on what I call the cave ridge pillow line. Excellent snow quality and oh so much fun. Started snowing hard on us around 12PM.

Will be interesting to see what runs during this next cycle.

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