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Cascade Backcountry Alliance Community Survey - Input Needed!

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Kyle M on 10/13/23 5:19pm


With another season quickly coming up, the Cascade Backcountry Alliance is trying to understand its users better. Please take the time to fill out our short survey so that we can better represent our community. Thank you and spread the word!


And if you'd like to subscribe for more email updates from the CBA, you can do so at our website!


Pray for snow!

Hey Kyle - how long has the CBA been a thing? Have you connected with Martin Volkien about this? I assume yes... he has some well articulated opinions about winter access and the need for advocacy there. 

The CBA has been a thing for about a year. We haven't talked to Martin specifically. We have gone into Pro Ski a few times to connect with Mike, who was involved in advocacy in the past, but have never managed to speak with them because they were always too busy. Maybe we should reach out to them again, since they probably has some good perspectives.

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