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Camp Muir - telepherique, s'il vous plait!

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by fuzz on 11/22/21 2:32pm

It was just me, Mike, Matt and 100+ of our closest friends!  Surprised this is the first/only trip report. 

Exertion occurred.  Also dizziness.  Easy to forget that 1,000 ft. from 9k to 10k is VERY DIFFERENT from, say, 1,000 ft. from 6k to 7k. 

Approximately 4,600 vertical ft. of turns were had.  About 10 of those turns would qualify as "tasty" or "rad" or "sweet" or "sick" or "insert your own preferred bro-friendly adjective here."

Not much else to say about this classic other than that you ski up and you ski down and as long as it's clear out, you really can't get too lost, though we did try on our way down, trending ever-skier's left/east in search of good turns.  The other general note is that, as you've probably heard from others, it's very, very, VERY easy to get lost up here if the weather does come in. 

If you're headed up before the next big storm cycle, it's tourable and skiable top to bottom but with low coverage.  We were attacked repeatedly by snow sharks (both visible and lurking menacingly below the powdery surface) and I have some file and p-tex work to do this week...

Just a thought: If it's going to be Euro-crowded, let's get some Euro amenities.  A gondola/telepherique, an inn and restaurant at Camp Muir, raclette et vin rouge for lunch, etc.  I've had my fill of rugged individualism. 





Your report and photos bring back "old times" of November when I still had "rock skis".😀

Thank you Fuzz for the excellent and humorous trip report. I could feel it every step of the way. I agree about the fatigue with rugged individualism. It's just not the same when there is no escaping the hordes anywhere outdoors. And I'm one of them! (sigh)

Nice pix

No thanks to the cable car

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