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Butt Naked down the Buttcrack

WA Cascades East Slopes North
Posted by Kyle M on 5/17/21 9:12pm

"The Buttcrack", as the other Kyle likes to call it, is an east facing gully that splits Crooked Bum and is very obvious above Highway 20 when driving west from WA Pass. It's been on the list for a while, but never worthy of a tour by itself. So Logan and I tacked in onto the classic Black Peak/Last Chance Pass Tour. For extra gnar points, we did it BN!

From Heather Pass, we skinned up the long SW Ridge to the top of the Bum. Getting into the crack from the top required some exposed feeling 45 degree turns and some cliff avoidance, but it was not too bad. The crack itself was refreezing avy debris, but you don't do a line like this for the snow conditions...


This might be the highlight of my season.



The Buttcrack!

What, no pics of "the crack"!? 😂

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