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Blewett Pass just about enough

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Posted by mikerolfs on 12/30/21 11:44am

Jtack and I skied about a thousand vert in the neighborhood of Diamond Head and found ALMOST enough snow for easy travel. Really fun terrain. My first time there.

The bumps are rocks. You could ski through them, but it felt pretty dangerous.

It was cold, and there were crystals growing on the surface.

Some of the skiing was carefree.

And there was a short groomed road that took us toward Diamond Head. Really nice.

In the parking lot, one truck had an interesting hood ornament:

What kind of bird?


Poor thing, the bird not you...you got the goods. 

Spooky boulder field!   Pine sisken, if anyone wants to know about the smash-up

Yea those rock bumps look dangerous­čĄ¬. There are lower elevation, and lower angled slopes that can be safely skied as they are meadow grass. But not nearly as fun as the higher slopes. Glad you got up ther and found open slopes!

Still a little thin, and cold!

Still thin and cold.


Pine Siskin. Thanks chamois!

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