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WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by telemack on 8/26/20 9:18am

Hey, my first trip report on the revamped website!

After putting off skiing while rock climbing this month, I had only a few days left to ski so went for old reliable.  It was very busy on the trail to Pan Point.  Looking at the march to Muir/upper Paradise Glacier, I got an attack of the lazies when I saw a strip of snow running down the gullies below Pan Point.  Hike for the goods, or settle for convenience?  With no partner to motivate me, I opted for close.  I  hiked it 4 times for about 500'.  I could watch the ants on the trail near Glacier Vista, but I was all alone for quite a while.  That strip is now toast for the year, since I collapsed it twice near the bottom.  On the way out I kept my boots on to hit a micro patch, then exited via Edith Creek.

The Pinnacle Glacier slush-cup snowfield is still skiable,  if someone wants something else near the car.  Muir looked severely suncupped.

155 months of TAY.  Obstruction Point might still hold a slope or two in a week.


Hope the climbing has been good.  I've got the ropes and gear tucked away for a little while.  Glad you got some in August.  Congrats (a bit early) on hitting 13 years of TAY next month!!  Woohoo!

Any port in a storm TM - it counts!

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