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Bday Tour With 100+ of Our Closest Friends

WA Cascades East Slopes North
Posted by fuzz on 5/16/21 6:30pm

There were many, many people on the route this Saturday! 

On the frozen climb out of Blue Lake trailhead, many of them wished they had ski crampons!

We departed Blue Lake trailhead at 7:35 and I completed my 1.9 mi. walk/jog back to the car from the hairpin at 12:45.  In Vans, natch.  Enjoy spectacular jogging-on-highway-20 video at link below.  BROS, next time plz give me a lift!

Only vid of turns from our group is of Jim, who made some very nice telemarketing turns down Madison Ave.  Note to self: remind self that self is glad self does not telemark anymore, and when self has occasional urge to get a new tele setup, immediately tell self to resist and reject said urge.

Didn't see any groups going over Copper Col.  Dunno what it's called ("Slot Couloir"?) but we and nearly everyone else were going through the col at the south end of Poster Peak summit ridge. 

At Poster Peak col I chatted with nice fella and woman about the fella's CAST/Pivot touring setup and then fella proceeded to drop fairly insane line just to the south of the col.  Unfortunately I caught him just after he dropped...but I got a bit of the sluff he set off plus the rest of his descent, and I told him I'd upload the video with my post here.

Pretty sure there were actual skier-created moguls on some of the little pitches on the run back to the highway. 

Bonus for the day was scenery with good memories of climbs on Liberty Bell, Lexington Tower, Vasiliki Ridge and Cutthroat Peak.





Last year i was finally introduced to steep, hard, ski cramponing and learned that there are bad ways to do that as well...I like boot crampons! 

Thanks for the nice pictures and report.

Maple Leaf Couloir!

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