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Bagley Nordic loop

WA Cascades West Slopes North (Mt Baker)
Posted by kamtron on 1/29/22 6:54pm

Something different: went skate skiing on Bagley lakes today after a lap on the Razor Hone loop. Good backcountry skate conditions. 

Nice! Alaskan wilderness travel folk often enjoy 'crust' season (with tech bindings and downhill boots even: https://thingstolucat.com/ski-touring-equipment-guide/) but I've never thought about it in WA due to our terrain... looks fun.

Steve Barnett is smiling.

Will: I've read and enjoyed a lot of Luc's posts. There are so many good ideas out there. A friend from Seattle has told me stories about Alaskans doing the Eklutna traverse light and fast on skate skis.

Bargainhunter: Had to look up who Steve Barnett is, wow, tele/nordic legend of the Baker zone. I'm going to need to pick up this book if only for the photos.


I never learned to alpine ski. Even when lift tickets were $20, I could never afford to go often enough to learn more than a weak snowplow on groomed slopes in a few days per winter.  Now I can't even afford to drive from Ashford to Paradise, let alone 150 miles RT to a ski area.  But I accumulated over 2000 lifetime Rainier ski days on skinnies, pins and leathers after I learned to ski from Barnett's photos. His text was not always that helpful.  

It's amazing what some old ski paperbacks are selling for now.  I saw Amazon asking prices above a thousand bucks for copies of Dolores La Chappelle's Deep Powder Snow.  Asking prices for Barnett's book are as high as $250.  If you can't find something more reasonable, drop me a PM and I'll give you a good deal for my 'Very Good' first edition.

At the end of the video you provided a bit of amusement for the group of backcountry skiers. 😂

Fun vid!


Loads of good skating and classic striding up there and out the Ptarmigan when conditions are good.

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