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Bagley Lakes micro patches

WA Cascades West Slopes North (Mt Baker)
Posted by telemack on 9/10/22 9:18pm

James Wells was my overnight host and partner for a short but important outing.  There are 2 small remnants visible from the visitor center.  We set an objective of 3 laps on each one.

Our Joy-O-Meter calculations: 

about 1.2 miles walking, 400' elevation drop & regain.

the ribbon patch:  3 x 70' = 210'

the parking patch:  3 x 40' = 120' 

Total elevation: 710'

Joy-O-Meter  =  vertical feet skied divided by vertical feet climbed, a ratio.

330/710 = 0.47

Not the best skiing of the year, but for it me was 180 months, or 15 years of Turns All Year --- PRICELESS

Thanks to all my partners, friends, encouragers, and my patient wife.  You were all with me/us on every day!

I have hip replacement surgery set for Nov. 9.   My streak may meet its demise because of the recovery and to preserve marital harmony.

Here is a re-post of a limerick I composed to celebrate this fine madness:

Hear the tale of the Turns-All-Year skier,

Who follows a sport some think queer.

Skiing snow in all seasons 

Gives many strong reasons

To exercise, then drink strong beer!


...if you make turns the first week of November, have your surgery on the 9th, take 7 weeks to recover, present your "patient wife" with note from your doctor, make turns again on December 31st, then you can continue your "fine madness" into the 16th year. We need heroes!

Jill has had surgeries on both hips over the years. Plus, she still skis both downhill and backcountry even at 78. 😀


Welcome to the "club". 😊

Congrats on 15 years!

Thanks for posting your TAY limerick 😁


Now to find my own postage stamp.....

For those seeking 'easy' September turns, the Pinnacle 'glacier' snowpatch near Paradise is looking pretty small.  There is a much larger patch in the big gully between Pinnacle & Plummer peaks.  Shortly after the Pinnacle trail turns left at a big rock and before it steepens about a half-mile from Reflection Lake, make a slightly descending SW traverse starting on forested benches. The patch looks like maybe a couple hundred vf at ~30 degrees.  Check out the far right margin of the 2nd photo from the Muir TR:  


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