Bagley Lake Chuting Spree

WA Cascades West Slopes North (Mt Baker)
Posted by GregLange on 7/3/20 9:54pm

An easy drive to the misty mountain hop that was Bagley Lakes Chutes. With the sun nearing the horizon by 4:30 AM, it's worth the alpine start. Visability was low, the mist was driving through the water resistance, but the snow was nicely corny. A couple of runs in the chutes above the lake where I could walk up through to assess any potential cliffs not visible from above. A few thousand feet of quiet, lonely, damp bliss. 273 in the bag...

With the cool temnps of spring and summer, there is still full coverage down to the lake shores. Always worth the drive and the excellent music to get there.

Nice. I opted for a less turn-efficient loop around Table on Monday, coming back via the route that skirts just north of the true summit before dropping the Table Mtn Glacier back down to Bagley Lakes. Such a pretty route, and other than a few bare patches near the Forest Service building  and one very short dry patch in the tree band getting over to the south side of Table, it was still continuous snow the whole way. Dog and I saw no one past Artist Point but we did see marmots and a decent sized herd of mountain  goats including a bunch of  kids who were learning the ropes. Super fun skiing despite a decent bit of bumpiness on the run down from the upper plateau area - being on the late shift  probably helped a bit with the softening. 

OTOH the run down from Herman  Saddle looked pretty bony on Monday - a committed individual would likely have been  able  to link it up continuously but with a lot of  rock dodging.

Hi there!! I'm fairly new to Bellingham, and I haven't been up to 542 since COVID. I was wondering if you guys had any pictures from your recent trips? Just looking to see what everything was looking like, and what was still looking good. Hoping to go up in the next few days, but I just wanted to research some. Thanks!

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