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Backdated TR: Mica Dam to Blue River

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Posted by Skier of the Hood on 11/12/21 9:31am

Some old stoke for the new season:

In spring of 2019 I got to tag along with some friends to ski a short portion of their Columbia's ski traverse from Mica Dam to Blue River. The previous year my friends had also completed the Great Divide Traverse, and I was loathe to completely watch from the sidelines again providing weather updates from Saskatoon. Although I was completing a masters degree at the time, I managed to get permission to sneak off for the week and shred some pow on a short portion of my friends vision quest. Since this trip I have not been able to get in another traverse, work, and covid have conspired against me. While I didn't get rad, I wasn't idle. I was biding my time teaching my wife how to ski tour, getting some short spring camping trips in with her, and lining up a more flexible job. My wife doesn't know it yet but I am slowly training her for a soft introduction to traversing on the Wapta or the Bonnington either this year or next. I have been slow to learn that there is more to life then skiing big lines and long traverses (;

Here's to a new year of shredding, seeing friends north of the border again, and hopefully leaving covid (mostly) behind!

Full Traverse Attempt

P.S. I will be back in the Yak come December. If anyone wants to tour locally let me know! I only have three ski partners in the Yak including Filbo and my wife. Down for both big and small days. 



What an amazing traverse! Beautiful photos too. The Canadians really do it bigger. Reading about epic traverses like this and the Full Coast Range Traverse is incredibly inspiring. It makes even the most ambitious traverses in the Cascades looks small, even though they definitely aren't! 

Sick. I'm liking the backdated TRs

Canadians are just at another level than anyone with traverses. So inspiring.

And with everybody seemingly geeking out about ultralight gear, these folks are carrying standard winter pow touring setups. (I'm sure there was plenty of geeking out about other stuff, but just an observation.)


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