WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by cumulus on 4/16/21 9:30pm

Thomas, mid chute sun patch slashing



That pic is sic! Reminds me of a backlit wave. Thanks for sharing. 

Thought twice about leaving that report up eh? I doubt it will become super popular on that line. 

What happened to your ski?

agree, sick pic!  report got chopped? c'mon cumulus, dish!

yeah you know nature, ephemeral, things change, just like this report, last of the snoqualmie powder then boom! here we are

You've been there before Eric, with these two, looking down the line--

looking into the abyss

visibility was better Sunday tho, and fatter--and you're right Kam, not oft "in"


As for the ski, not sure, couldn't see anything for a couple seconds... and nobody else saw it either. Well, Tim did, later. Still can't believe he found it. Grateful. Now I don't have to hike back there in the summer though it would have been interesting...
I did tighten my bindings when I got back... kingpin towers in back been getting extra play, wobble. I prob got a bit far back but still think it shouldn't've released.

good to hear from you both, I need to head North

And thanks for the pic kudos--Thomas and his bros are some of the best skiers I know



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