August 26, 2019, Muir/Paradise

WA Cascades SW (Mt Rainier)
Posted by ski_n_fly on 8/28/19 8:34am
August went fast for me, and while I had grand plans for a 2-fer Aug 31/Sep 1 at Timberline, it became apparent that it wasn't gonna happen. Weather looked mild for Monday so I made the drive to Paradise.

Parking lot by 9:00, looks like the summer crowds are starting to get a little smaller (at least for a week day). Nice hike, only had to explain why I had skis about 5 times. Marmots, deer and a small black bear near Alta Vista (other guests were watching nervously for his mama). Snow patches start above Pebble Creek but travel was still easier on the rocks for a bit. Walking on the snow wasn't bad, normal shoes gave me enough traction to pass a few conga lines making their way to Muir. Dirty patches of past years snow are showing across about 40% of the snowfield.

I had a bit of a timeline to keep so I stopped at Moon Rocks for the ski down. Plus the snow doesn't exactly look like much fun up higher. Timing seemed to work out well because the first 300' was something very close to resembling (dirty) corn! A few older tracks showed that others had the same turns within the past few days. Dirty old snow/ice kept trying to grab me but nothing a few plows for life couldn't handle. 670' of sliding, short carry for another 610'. I'm not that good at math so I'm gonna call it 1300' vert for the day (GPS isn't that accurate anyway, right?) The pumice gave my bases a nice sanding and they should be ready to take wax in the not too distant future.

A few more folks on the way down, but still less than last month. Three people asked if the skis were just for show ... yes I love to torture myself.

I had low expectations for the day but the mountain surprised me (and I surprised myself a bit too). Not a bad Monday.

Only month 10 for me, the finish line is close. Any ideas for Sept??? I'll lap a patch for a few hours. Unless Timberline is open later in the month and I can sneak in an easy day I'm going to be moving under my own power.

Thanks to all of you who share your experiences, I've learned a ton and you've given me a new passion/obsession/distraction. I've enjoyed these past few months so much, even though it's been 90% hike/skin, to 10% ski. Can't imagine how much fun this winter will be.
Good TR.  I was at Hood today and there is skinnable snow after 1200' hiking.  September 2 is the last day for lifts there until winter.
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