August 10, 2019, Mt. Hood, THAT snowfield

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Posted by GregLange on 8/21/19 9:22pm
On the way to visit friends in Portland a few weeks back, the weather gods smiled on me. Arriving to the Timberline parking lot at 7:45 AM, I shouldered my pack and started the trek up the public hiking trail. Stopped by Ski Patrol on the trail up, and reminded that non-paying customers cannot move uphill on "...our snowfield...", I pointed further west and said, "Oh, I'm going to ski THAT snowfield." (I can't fathom the idea of paying more than $70 for the "privilege" of skiing in one or 2 public lanes...)

The walk up was pleasant and cool, under cloudy skies. I was monitoring an incoming cloud cover that seemed to hang around Jefferson - but only temporarily. As I reached the 7350 ft. mark, I turned to look south just as the slopes just below me were enveloped in clouds. Although I could have climbed higher, I chose to turn around. At that moment, the cloud bank lifted.

I donned skis and my wind shell, and headed downhill. After paying the Silcox Hut a quick visit, having never been there, I continued down the snow strip that ends about 250 vert above Timberline Lodge. As the ride down was pleasant and not interupted by another Ski Patrol visit, I felt pretty good about a great day on the mountain and snow for month 262. Better get it while it's there; the snow will soon be a LONG ways up the mountain! The Bagley Lakes Postage Stamp will see me visit in September!
"THAT" snowfield. ;)
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Good one Greg.
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