April 7, 2002, Mark's Secret Baker BC Stash #421

WA Cascades West Slopes North (Mt Baker)
Posted by Kenji on 7/14/02 9:50am
We suspected it was Mark, Mr. Baker. Sorry, we weren't too friendly. No we didn't really have any plans, since none of us had skied the area much. We picked the place after looking at the map, it looked like a resonable place to explore given the snow condition. Yes, the first bowl was nice. After even nicer skiing the lower half in the next basin, with a bit struggle, we climbed to the ridge top. We saw another big bowl to ski if anyone has extra time and energy. Skiing down this steep couloir was a bit of confidence shaker as the entrance was steep and narrow and the snow was not friendly. As we headed back out, we saw Mark heading into his yet another secret spot, it looked better protected for nice powder to stay around. But it was time to head out for us. Skiing out was already in re-freezing crust, making it very challenging. We felt sorry for you, Mark.


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